1. Intending exhibitors shall give notice to the Hon.Treasurers on the form provided of the class or classes in which they intend to compete not later than the time and date shown on the entry form. 8.00pm on Wednesday 30th August 2017. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE TO THIS RULE. Entries to adult classes will be accepted from exhibitors under the age of 16

2. Exhibits

3. The committee reserves the right to visit and to inspect any exhibit entered for competition prior to the show.

4. DEFINITION. “Amateur” is a person who grows plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables for pleasure and not for his or her livelihood and in the case of cookery and handicrafts does not earn his or her livelihood by making and / or teaching the skills.

5. Exhibitors may only have one entry in each class.

6. Exhibitors should label the variety of their exhibit. In the event of close competition a named exhibit will be given preference to an unnamed one.

7. All glasses, plates, vases, show boards, etc. to be provided by the exhibitor unless otherwise stated, and should be removed at the end of the show.

8. Preparation

9. All art work, particularly in children’s classes must be dry

10. The Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage before, during or after the show, but all possible care will be taken. Please do not use items of value or sentimental value with your exhibits.

11. No person will be admitted to the Marquee while the judges are making their awards except the Stewards appointed to wait on them.

12. Should there not be sufficient entries in any class, a prize will only be awarded at the discretion of the Judges. If the number and quality of exhibits warrant it, the Committee may give extra prizes.

13. The decision of the Judges will be final except in cases where, after any award has been made, the exhibit is found not to be in accordance with the schedule. All matters of protest, etc. must be lodged with the Entries Secretary not later than 4.00pm on the day of the Show with a deposit of 50p, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld. The protest will be dealt with by the committee, whose judgement shall be final.

14. The Committee request that exhibitors do not leave paper, vegetable and flower trimmings lying about, so as to keep the marquee neat and tidy.

15. No exhibit may be removed before the presentation. However, all exhibitors MUST REMOVE THEIR PRODUCE BY 5.30 p.m. The Committee will not be responsible for exhibits remaining after the removal time.

16. Exhibitors will receive on the day of the Show a card numbered on one side and with the exhibitor’s name on the other. A card for each entry will be issued and each card must be placed by the exhibit in the class to which it relates with NAME SIDE DOWN. Entries MUST NOT include the name of the exhibitor

17. Prize money will only be paid out on the day of the Show.

18. All entry fees must be paid at the time of entry. Entry fee is 20p per class.

19. Staging of entries will be between 7.30 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.

20. Entry to the marquee after 10.15 a.m. and before 1.30 p.m. will be restricted to Judges and Show Officials only. No member of the public will be allowed to enter the marquee during this period.

21. With the exception of prize winners’ names – NO DATA collected by representatives of the show will be shared with any third party


Marquee Opens to the public at 1:30pm


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