27) THE FLORAL ART CUP – most points in Floral Art Classes

28) THE CHAIRMAN’S TROPHY –best Floral Art Exhibit

29) GREAT BENTLEY FLOWER SHOW TROPHY – most points in the cookery classes gained by a Great Bentley resident

30) THE McWILLIAMS CUP – best exhibit in cookery

31) THE FRIENDS OF THE GREEN CUP – most points in handicraft

32) THE ROSS CUP – best exhibit in handicraft

33) THE MRS M KEMP MEMORIAL TROPHY – best exhibit in classes 150-154

34) THE HAROLD LAMBERT CUP – most points gained in classes 150-154

35) THE J W FOTHERGILL TROPHY – most points gained in wine classes

36) THE PERCY & EMMA ABREY TROPHY – best exhibit in wine classes


Best Dult Photograph - £25 voucher for London Camera Exchange and 2 hrs tuition with Alec Corton
Best Adult Photograph Runner Up - £15 voucher and 2 hrs tuition
Best Child's Photograph - £10 voucher and 2 hrs tuition
Winners of each photography class to be offered 3 months' subscription to Alresford Camera Club

38) THE DONALD WALKER TROPHY - most points in photography classes


93 A foliage only exhibit
94 An exhibit of floating flowers in a clear glass bowl
95 A hand-tied posy
96 An exhibit incorporating a candle
97 A petite exhibit (i.e. not exceeding 25cm in depth, width or height – not diagonally)
98 A buttonhole and a corsage (A male / female pair)



An exhibit is composed of natural plant material, with or without accessories. Containers, drapes, exhibit titles and mechanics (wire, oasis, tape, etc.) may always be included in an exhibit, unless otherwise stated.
In all exhibits natural plant material should predominate.
Flowers and foliage can be either from the garden, (but need not be grown by the exhibitor) and /or bought, (not dried).

NOTE - All entries must be cleared by 5.30pm

The show committee will not be responsible for any items remaining after removal time.

Cling film will be provided for covering cookery exhibits

99 A vegetarian quiche (Handmade pastry)
100 A Victoria sandwich – No decoration but a rspberry jam filling and a caster sugar coating is permitted
101 5 fruit scones (uncut)
102 A Pavlova (Filled and Decorated)
103 Traditional apple tart (Homemade crust top and bottom)
104 5 cupcakes-decorated
105 5 Chocolate brownies
106 A round of shortbread
107 A small white loaf 450g - handmade not bread machine
108 A seeded or fruited loaf 900g - made in bread machine
109 A 23cm pizza (handmade base
110 Fruit cake (using recipe below)
111 Acelebration cake judged for decoration only
112 A lemon drizzle cake
113 A ginger cake (undecorated)
114 Jar of chutney with a vinegar proof twist top
115 Jar of fruit jelly
116 Jar of marmalade (made from fresh oranges)
117 Jar of soft fruit jam
118 Jar of stone fruit jam
119 Jar of lemon curd

N.B. All preserves should be sealed with a wax circle and covered with paper or clear cover – NO METAL LIDS or KILNER TYPE JARS (excluding class 114)



225gm plain flour 150gm caster sugar

2 level teaspoons baking powder 2 eggs

½ (half) teaspoon mixed spice 225gm mixed dried fruit

150gm soft margarine / butter 7 tablespoons milk

Pre-heat oven to a very moderate Gas Reg 3 – 325 F – Celsius 160 – middle shelf


1) Prepare a 18cm cake tin. PLEASE NOTE TIN SIZE IS APPROXIMATE
2) Sieve flour, baking powder and mixed spice together.
3) Cream margarine / butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
4) Beat in eggs, one at a time, adding a little flour with the second egg.
5) Fold in half the remaining flour and prepared mixed fruit, folding gently until well mixed. Then fold in half the milk. Repeat with remaining dry ingredients and finally fold in remaining milk.
6) Put in prepared cake tin and smooth the top.
7) Bake in the pre-heated oven for 1¾– 2 hours.
8) Test before removing from the oven. Leave in tin for 5 minutes. Turn out, remove paper and cool on wire tray.

(Oven temperatures taken from an official conversion table)


120 Home-made red wine, sweet
121 Home-made red wine, dry
122 Home-made white wine, sweet
123 Home-made white wine, dry
124 Wine made from a kit
125 Beer / ale made from a kit (capped bottle)
126 Sloe gin – clear bottle – METAL/ CORK TOP

N.B. ALL WINES to be in clean clear bottles, using clean “T” corks and must be labelled and dated. All labels must be 2.5cm (1”) from bottom of bottle. A space of approx. 6mm -18mm between cork and wine is required, 25mm airspace between cap and beer.


127 An item of pottery
128 A canvas work (needlework, not BINCA)
129 A hand knitted item
130 A baby’s knitted garment (for a baby under 18 months)
131 A child's garmwent, knitted or sewn (for a child 2-8 years)
132 A hand made toy
133 Four gift tags
134 A patchwork and /or quilting article
135 A piece of embroidery (traditional, free, machine or blockwork)
136 A cross stitch article under 25cm (10”) excluding frame
137 A cross stitch article over 25cm (10”) excluding frame
138 A scrapbook layout – one page 12” x 12”
139 A wooden toy
140 A greetings card
141 An Item of beadwork jewellery
142 A miniature boxed room
142 An Item of Craft Not Mentioned Above
*144 PHOTOGRAPH – “Wash Out”
*145 PHOTOGRAPH – “New Life”
*146 PHOTOGRAPH – “Enjoying the Sun”
*147 PHOTOGRAPH – “Carnival Time”
*148 PHOTOGRAPH – “The X Factor”
*149 PHOTOGRAPH – “The Blues”
*150 PHOTOGRAPH – “OPEN- (any subject)”

*All entries must be original and by the author. The use of studio facilities is accepted but assistance in such facilities in taking or lighting of image/s is unacceptable.

All photos to be:
7x5 inches
A4 size

(Not including mount). 

All entries to be surface mounted on card with max border of 1 inch

‘Velcro’ will be supplied by the Steward to stick on the back of the photograph for mounting on the display screens.

Tips for photographic entrants:

a) Does the image meet the requirements of the category?

b) Is it well composed, in focus and the correct colouration? Has it got 'impact'?

c) Is the finished print clear of faults such as trace lines etc? (printer faults)

d) Do I enjoy looking at it, and will the judge feel the same?



#151 A drawing - any medium
#152 An oil painting
#153 A water colour
#154 A work in pastels
#155 A painting – any medium

# Secure hanging screens will be available. It is essential that pictures have a light weight cord fitted to them for hanging.



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