(held under Kennel Club rules & Regulations)

Held on Saturday 2nd September, 2017
At Great Bentley Village Green, Nr Colchester, Essex.

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Congratulations to all the 2017 Winners!

We were pleased that the rain that looked as though it was going to threaten the rest of the afternoon soon dispersed to leave us with a very pleasant afternoon. Again, it was pleasing to see many residents bring their pet dogs to the show, and the atmosphere in and out of the ring was excellent.

As always, I checked to see, how far people and their dogs had travelled from outside the district to attend the show, they came from Chelmsford, Halstead, Stowmarket, Harlow, Ipswich, Brentwood, Loughton and Braintree, to be with us.

There were 74 dogs entered into the various classes with 185 entries.

A big thank you to our judge Anne Green (Heathergreen) and her Steward.

Yet again the Dog Show has proved its popularity with not only the number of dogs entered but by the many spectators around the ring watching with interest and obviously enjoying their afternoon.

My grateful thanks go to all my very busy team of helpers, to Lesley Shipp, Donna Morphew, Helen McWilliams and Caitlin, where would we be without your generous help; also, a big thank you to those many kind gentlemen of the show committee for their help in putting up the gazebo.



Lynda McWilliams
Companion Dog Show Organiser and Deputy Chairman of the Great Bentley Show

Pedigree Classes

Best Puppy

Colleen Marchant

Standard Poodle - Sebastian


Sara Cracknell

Hungarian Visla - Treacle

Best Any Non Sporting

Tina Brett

Rottweiler – Pheonix


Diane Beaumont

Short Wirehaired Dachshund - Monty

Best In Show

Diane Beaumont

- Short Wirehaired Dachshund - Monty

Reserve Best In Show

Colleen Marchant

Standard Poodle - Sebastian

Best Puppy

Colleen Marchant

Standard Poodle - Sebastian

Best Opposite Sex

Sara Cracknell

Hungarian Visla - Treacle

Novelty Classes

Best Veteran

Keith Lott

Standard - Marlie

Best Child Handler

F Battram

Keeshond - Dexter

Best Crossbreed / Mongrel

Bobby Blackman

Staffie – Buddy

Best Rescue Dog

Lyn Freeman

X Breed – Daisy-May

Dog Most Like Its Owner


Newfoundland – Douglas Sparkle

Prettiest Bitch

Gregg Weaver

French Bulldog - Diva

Handsome Dog

Franci Tampkins

Dalmatian – Pongo

Dog With The Waggiest Tail

Jasmin Bayliss

Cocker Spaniel - Mya

Dog In Best Condition

A Leaven

German Shepherd – Rex

Dog The Judge Would Like To Take Home

Bobby Blackmen

Staffie X - Buddy

Best Novelty

Keith Lott

Poodle - Marlie